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New Moon Jewels

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Amaliya Bella Cassia Daija Elyse Francisca Grace Haven Imari Jasmin Kyleigh Lulu Malaya Nyla Oriana Phoenix Qiana Raina Salena Tarra Ulyssia Venus Wynne Yareli Zahara S101-Alie S102-Breanna S103-Celeste S104-Danielle S105-Erica S106-Felecia S107-Genevieve S108-Hailey S109-Isis S110-Jessica S111-Kaiya S112-Lilly S113-Melissa S114-Nicole S115-Olivia S116-Penelope S117-Quinn S118-Rhianna S119-Shae S120-Teresa S121-Uma S122-Vera S123-Wilhemine S124-Yakira S125-Zoe

Amaliya #K101

The handcrafted focal glass bead in this scrumptious necklace looks good enough to eat.  Lime green glass cubes, red bugle beads, and green seed beads finish off the 16” strand.




Bella #K102

Three strands of rainbow-toned glass bugle and seed beads are gathered into five dazzling handcrafted cane glass beads and two milifiori beads in this playful 17” necklace.





Cassia #K103

The fanciful era of the 1950’s is evoked in the colors and style of this fun-loving necklace.  The 16 ½“ strand features handcrafted pink, black, and white lamp work beads, pink magnesite rounds, and black and white glass accents.





Daija #K104

Six carved bone beads and three black and brown glass lamp work beads are suspended from triple strands of braided glass seed beads in natural tones of chocolate, black and white. The necklace hangs 18” from the lobster clasp.


$ 55.00



Elyse #K105

Handmade lamp work beads of olive green and plum are accented with small garnet rounds and finished with glass beads of plum and olive along a generous 27” strand, and finished with a toggle clasp.


$ 59.00





Francisca #K106

The rich colors gold, fuchsia, and violet and the nature-inspired charms of this whimsical necklace will bring all the warmth and beauty of a late spring afternoon to adorn your neck.  Hand crafted lamp work beads and 18k gold seed beads also bring a touch of elegance to this 18”strand.





Grace #K107

The elegant branching veins of natural greens are displayed in the stunning Russian jade gemstones that grace the length of this 18” necklace.  It is accented perfectly with ovals of olive green mother-of-pearl, and black glass seed beads, and is finished with a silver toggle clasp.





Haven #K108

The amazing natural patterns inherent in crazy lace agate are evident in these pillow shaped stones which display beautiful colors ranging from fuchsia and pale pink to orchid with hints of red-orange.  8mm amethyst rounds and silver accent beads beautify the length of this 16” necklace.





Imari #K109

A dazzling sterling silver lily is nestled between two pearlescent handcrafted glass lilies at the heart of this luminous and elegant necklace.  Silver rosebuds, leaves and cylinders make up the remainder of the 19” strand.





Special of the Month
Jasmin #K110

The rich jewel tones of violet, plum and copper are displayed in this remarkable 19” necklace.  Deep purple dyed turquoise heishi rounds accent the pure copper and iridescent glass beads of this gleaming strand.  The genuine gingko pendant is electroformed with copper and adorned with additional beads.





Kyleigh #K111

This quirky lime green dyed turquoise, silver, and hematite, 16” necklace is suggestive of the art deco style with an interesting twist of its own.  The unusual 1 ¼” pendant is a combination of sterling silver, lime green glass beads, and antiqued silver embellished rounds.





Lulu #K112

The sensation of sand and sea are revealed in the rich aqua and tan of natural and dyed turquoise, and reflected in the beauty of silver and handcrafted lamp work focal pendant beads.  This lovely necklace is 20” long with a 1 ½” pendant.





Malaya #K113

This high-spirited necklace is adorned with nature’s best.  The generous 25 inch long strand has chunky and petite dyed turquoise beads, carved bone, amethyst, and fossilized purple rounds.  At the midpoint a whimsical carved bone bead has the classic forms of three monkeys holding their ears, mouth, and eyes.  A handcrafted button clasp of brilliant pink turquoise and beautiful colored glass seed beads finishes the piece.





Nyla #K114

An unusual blend of natural elements and dazzling colors combine to form this fanciful creation.  A unique pattern of raspberry and olive freshwater pearls make up the heart of this distinctive 18 in. necklace.  This is accented with lime green turquoise; purple dyed fossil beads, and attractive silver spacers.





Oriana #K115

With the all the seductive mystery of a midnight train ride on the Orient Express, this exotic necklace of black onyx, metallic hematite, antiqued silver and luscious red coral wraps to the front and closes low with a coiled sterling clasp. This gorgeous necklace measures 19½“with an additional 2” drop on the striking pendant.





Phoenix #K116

This distinctive 2 ¾ in. sterling silver pendant displays an unusual collection of treasures.  The carved bone face is surrounded by tiger eye, amethyst, topaz, and pearl.  A 19 in. matching strand of silver, tiger eye, and carved bone accent beads make this a necklace for any outfit.





Qiana #K117

The exotic designs of five hand-made lamp work beads are accented with flamboyant hues of gold and apple green dyed turquoise, and bordered with black onyx rondelles.  You will not go unnoticed in this 16 in. distinctive necklace.





Raina #K118

Three delicate strands of silver bugle beads, garnet rounds, olive freshwater button pearls, 18k gold olive seed beads, and iridescent glass seed beads are collected in antiqued silver spacers and cones.  The longest strand supports a whimsical sterling silver pendant. The necklace measures 19 inches with an additional 1 ¼ in. pendant.





Salena #K119

The striking combination of dyed turquoise in sunset hues and fossilized purple rounds are accented with painted and natural wooden beads.  An unusual handcrafted button clasp of red turquoise and iridescent seed beads makes this 20 inch beauty an immediate eye catcher.





Tarra #K120

The exotic styling of this intricate silver necklace is accented with beautiful scrolled silver beads, hematite spacers and South Sea Shell pearls. The silver-capped 12mm pearl pendant makes an exquisite focal piece for this lovely 16 in. treasure.





Ulyssia #K121

Silver, raspberry freshwater pearls, and handcrafted lamp work beads accent this elegant faceted ruby set in sterling silver.  The necklace hangs 20 inches with another 1 ½ in. drop for the pendant.





Venus #K122

The grace and elegance of nature is captured in this stunning 17 in. one-of-a-kind creation.  South Sea shell pearls of rainbow black, and olive green are enhanced by the skilled placement of antiqued silver beads and hematite spacers.  A real Gingko leaf electroformed in silver and a silver-capped pearl create an exceptional natural pendant.





Wynne #K123

The forward placement of the whimsical sterling silver clasp creates a unique focal piece for this beautiful 20 in. beaded necklace.  A handmade charm consisting of olive cathedral beads, Russian jade, and a sterling silver leaf dangles attractively another 2 in. from the clasp. The strand is finished with Tibetan silver, cathedral beads, and apple green turquoise beads.





Yareli #K124

Double strands of bone, silver and freshwater black pearls compliment this one-of-a-kind carved bone pendant.  The peaceful moon face is set in sterling silver and hangs above two faceted gems of pale blue topaz.  The necklace measures 22 in. and the pendant drops another 2 in.





Featured Jewelry Zahara #K125

An exquisite oval pendant of purple turquoise set in sterling silver and surrounded by faceted amethysts is the center piece of this unique creation.  The pendant measures 1½ in. x 2½ in. and is suspended on a 20 in. beaded strand of orchid sugilite, Tibetan silver, amethyst, and garnet.  This versatile piece is at home with jeans or elegant evening wear





Alie #S101

Dressed down for casual daytime wear, or dressed up for an evening out, this choker-length beauty is the piece.  This combination of White Howlite and Hematite, highlighted by antiqued silver metal beads is very versatile.   15 ½ inches long with a silver barrel clasp.  Matching earrings. 


$ 29.00



Breanna #S102

Modern, yet simple, describes this combination of Black Onyx coins and rounds, White Jade drums, and antiqued silver metal spacers.  You can’t go wrong with basic black and white.  19 inches long with a silver-plated barrel clasp.  Matching earrings.


$ 35.00



Celeste #S103

The variations in these brown and black striped Agate beads make each one a miniature work of art.  The neutral colors and shorter length make this a perfect accent for casual outfits.  16 ½ inches long with a silver-plated barrel clasp.  Matching earrings.


$ 39.00



Danielle #S104

The little black dress has met its match.  Black Agate puffed rectangles, ovals and rounds create a versatile, classic look that goes with almost any outfit.  Unique variations in the Black Agate make this truly one of a kind.  Dress it up or dress it down-you can’t go wrong with this one.  19 inches long with a silver-plated barrel clasp.  Matching earrings.


$ 39.00



Erica #S105

Feel the warmth of the sun anytime of the year with this warm, shaded Amber necklace.   Amber rounds are accented by three antiqued gold sunflower charms.  Since Amber is fossilized tree resin, instead of stone, it is very light and airy.  21 inches long with an antiqued gold-plated toggle clasp.  


$ 45.00



Felecia #S106

Enjoy the simple elegance and clean lines of these Picasso Jasper beads and silver filigree spacers, accented with Hematitie rounds.  18 inches long with a silver-plated barrel clasp.  Matching earrings.





Genevieve #S107

Get in touch with your softer side when you slip on this soft-hued necklace, featuring three Blue Lace Agate nuggets surrounded by Blue Lace Agate rounds, white Swarovski crystal pearls, and midnight blue glass beads.  The varied, white bands on this stone make it truly one of a kind.  18 ½ inches long with a silver-plated toggle clasp.  Matching earrings.





Hailey #S108

Reminiscent of a starry night, blue iridescence twinkles in these Black Labradorite rectangles, with deep Black Onyx rounds and small antiqued metal spacer accents.  16 ½ inches long with a silver barrel clasp.  Matching earrings. 





Isis #S109

The beautiful Faux Turquoise (dyed magnesite) beads are reminiscent of a clear Southwestern desert sky, contrasted by the deep, azure blue of the Lapis Lazuli rounds.  19 inches long with an antiqued silver toggle clasp.  Matching earrings. 





Jessica #S110

Here’s a fun way to “go green”.  Dark green Russian Jade squares are surrounded by translucent green British Columbian Jade and silver metal spacers.  A larger, pale green Russian Jade pendant provides a stylish finish.  17 ½ inches long with a silver-plated barrel clasp.  Matching earrings.





Kaiya #S111

You’ll find style and elegance in this combination of Seaweed Quartz and Golden Sheen Obsidian with contrasting silver-lined glass beads.  18 ½ inches long with a silver-plated barrel clasp.  Matching earrings. 





Lilly #S112

The deep blue Dumortierite beads accented with silver-plated spacers makes this necklace a versatile must-have for your wardrobe.  18 inches long with a silver-plated barrel clasp.   Matching earrings.





Featured Jewelry
Melissa #S113 -

The vivid colors in this gorgeous piece are reminiscent of spring flowers.  Bright green Aventurine rectangles are mixed with deep purple Amethyst coins for a colorful addition to any wardrobe.    18 ½ inches long with an antiqued silver-plated toggle clasp.  Matching earrings.





Nicole #S114

The magic of midnight comes alive in these five large Blue Tiger Eye beads, paired with Hematite coins and rounds, and midnight blue bugle beads.  These stones are dazzling day or night.  20 ½ inches long with a silver-plated toggle clasp.  Matching Hematite earrings.





Olivia #S115

Large, warm Citrine pillows contrast beautifully with delicate, cool Amazonite chips, accompanied by silver-plated spacers and amber glass beads.  22 inches long with a silver-plated barrel clasp.  Matching Amazonite earrings.





Penelope #S116

You can’t help but feel feminine in this light and airy Rose Quartz and Lavender Amethyst beauty.  A five-fingered Rose Quartz fan and beads are bordered by Lavender Amethyst beads and silver-plated spacers.  19 inches long with a silver-plated toggle clasp. 





Quinn #S117

Show everyone you have heart with this stunning 20 mm Amethyst Quartz Heart pendant on this lovely combination of light amethyst quartz drums, clear quartz rounds, and antiqued silver spacers and glass beads.  18 inches long with a silver-plated toggle clasp.  Matching earrings.





Rhianna #S118

Orange isn’t just for autumn.  Feel radiant from sunrise to sunset, and beyond, in this vibrant necklace.  Large, brilliant Orange Calcite rectangles and small, bright Carnelian beads soften with the glow of champagne glass pearls and gold seed beads.  19 ½ inches long with a gold-plated toggle clasp.  Matching earrings.





Shae #S119

The pale green of Prehnite nuggets harmonizes with the deeper green in Seaweed Quartz, accented by bright dots of Peridot.  The 25mm Seaweed Quartz and Peridot pendant provides an elegant finish.  18 inches long with an antiqued silver metal toggle clasp.  Matching Seaweed Quartz earrings.





Teresa #S120

The eye-catching variations in this 13-fingered Rhodonite fan are complimented by the small black agate and garnet rounds.  Antiqued silver metal beads and small Rhodonite beads are featured on each side.  18 inches long with an antiqued silver-plated toggle clasp.  Matching metal bead earrings.





Uma #S121

Fun, funky and fashionable!  Teal Paisley Jasper coins and rounds with Chalk Turquoise and antiqued silver accents lead directly to an eye-catching pendant.  18 ½ inches long with a silver-plated toggle clasp.  Matching Teal Paisley Jasper earrings. 





Vera #S122

Look stunning in this gorgeous necklace.  This exquisite 40 mm Labradorite pendant is a perfect example of the beautiful iridescence inherent in this lovely stone.  Assorted Hematite beads reflect brilliantly surrounded by small Labradorite rounds.  19 ½ inches long with an antiqued silver toggle clasp.  Matching earrings. 





Featured Jewelry
Wilhemine #S123

Soft and feminine--pale-lavender glass pearls and silver-lined glass beads, interspersed with Amethyst rounds, crystal bi-cones and dark Sugilite ovals,  lead to a stunning 2 ¼ inch Amethyst and Sugilite pendant.  20 inches long with a silver toggle clasp.  Matching pearl and Amethyst earrings.





Yakira #S124

Feel sultry and sexy with rich, elegant Smoky Quartz.  These highly polished Grade-A nuggets are highlighted with dark, metal spacers and smaller Smoky Quartz nuggets.  18 inches long with a large grape leaf, antiqued silver toggle clasp.





Zoe #S125

Dazzle them with this brilliant 45mm Golden Rutilated Quartz pendant and matching nuggets.  This beauty is accented with Clear Quartz ovals and stunning 14 karat gold-plated beads.  18 inches long with gold-plated toggle clasp.



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